Get new reviews. 
Drive store traffic. 
Get more customers.

3 out of 4 customers consult online reviews before deciding where to purchase a product or service.  Altiras Media offers a solution specifically tailored to the complex needs of retailers. With Altiras Media, turn your customers into your marketing engine and use reviews to drive customer loyalty, ratings, and revenue.

Simple. Fast. Effective

Dominate search results. Beat local competitors. Get more customers.

Get reviews, boost ratings

Fast, simple, and easy review requests

Collect feedback from every customer at every store via automatic SMS review requests sent at critical moments (i.e. after a transaction). Customers are routed to top review sites like Google and Facebook to share their feedback for the world to see. Maximize the power of testimonials by auto-promoting your reviews to your company website, blog, and Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages.

Increase web traffic to drive walk-in traffic

“Near me” searches have nearly doubled since 2015. Show up at the top by keeping a consistent online presence across the web. Altiras keeps your business information (name, address, phone) accurate and up-to-date across 50+ consumer sites and business directories and business directories. Stand out on Google with star ratings from all your reviews displayed beside your business in search results. We creates a custom review microsite for each of your locations displaying your reviews from 250+ sites. Each microsite is optimized for SEO and indexed by Google so it shows up on page 1 of search results.

Manage Negative Reviews

Identify Unhappy Customers

Resolve issues, identify trends and participate in every social conversation to foster customer loyalty and drive revenue. Don’t get blindsided by negative reviews. Altiras Media sends you real-time alerts so you can address customer issues before they escalate, turning frustrations into great customer experiences.

Stay connected to your customers, increase your response, and drive your decisions with their feedback.

Get on the Map

Rank high on Google

Altiras Media builds you a custom SEO-optimized review microsite displaying all your reviews from all sites, along with your updated business information. The constant stream of fresh, organic content boosts your search ranking even further, so customers easily find your microsite when searching for reviews of your business or industry.

Keep tabs on your brand.

Scan how your business appears online

Altiras Media’s free Scan Your Business tool gives you an overview of your online reputation across hundreds of sites: see your listings, reviews, ratings across 250+ sites, and how you stack up to competitors. With Altiras Media, your online presence is not only fixed and enhanced, but continuously scanned and updated automatically and in real-time.

One-Stop Management

Respond to all reviews in one place

Since 30% of social media users prefer customer service through social media over call centers, seize the opportunity: take in-moment action to resolve problems before they escalate and turn detractors into promoters. Receive real-time alerts whenever someone mentions your brand on social so you don’t miss a word.

Take control of your business listing so you don't just show up in search results - you STAND OUT.

Boost SEO with dynamic content

Turn your online presence into a powerful marketing tool by enriching your listings with videos, photos, menus and incentives directly from your dashboard. With Altiras Media, all your reviews are indexed by search engines.  All this engaging content boosts SEO, increases click-throughs and conversions, and sets you apart from competitors in search results.

Put your business on the map

Altiras Media keeps your company listings (name, address, and phone number) for each location consistent across 50+ global partners, including Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo so you’re found easily by search engines. Altiras Media automatically syncs any changes you make across all sites - all you have to do is update the information on your dashboard.

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